Facebook has chat!

What is this?

The moment I saw the word “online”, I’m excited. Because the word “online” means interactivity, instantaneous, going LIVE, connected somehow…

(top) This is my chat program. It stays at the bottom right corner of my browser even as I scroll. Neat. Status: I can only go offline or online.

(top) Is notifications very important? Why does it go with the chat program? I don’t usually derive much info/updates from the Notifications, it’s all a bunch of nonsense—“XX sent me a card”, “XXX gave me a lollipop. Click here to view”—updates on applications i never added or never show in my profile. Or Superpoking me—stuff which I don’t take any action towards unless I feel the need to Mass Superpoke everyone.

(top) Some of my friends has a ‘moon’ icon as their chat status. I wonder what that means…

Even leaves offline messages!


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