Starhub is pro-glbt??

Singapore censors fine cable TV operator S$10,000 for ad featuring lesbian kiss

StarHub was reported as saying that it is disappointed with the watchdog’s decision but says it understands the concern and will work closely with partners to ensure broadcasting guidelines are adhered to.


Caitlin Fua, StarHub’s Corporate Communications Manager responded: ‘We are disappointed with MDA’s decision to impose the penalty.’

From Straits Times Online

Did anybody see that on TV? For the benefit of Singaporeans overseas, the video was uploaded on youtube. Was it really on TV??? Omg, there were so many kissing scenes. It was so obvious it is a lesbian couple.

Singer: Olivia Lum 阎韦伶
Song: 傻孩子
Actresses: Yan and Pei Lin
Aired: Nov 26 and 28, 2007.
StarHub find 10,000 SGD.
You judge.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by lina on April 10, 2008 at 11:23 am

    hey thanks for this youtube link.. now i understood why Starhub was slapped with a fine.. Just 2 kissing scenes are “too many”? hehe.. well it makes sense especially when it was being shown on “conservative” Singapore TV.. kudos for starhub for being daring! Starhub will be loved by LGBT community.

  2. It was only shown on cable tv (need subscription) not even national TV. What the big hoo-ha…

  3. Not too shocking that a fine was levied for that scene, but at least the networks in Singapore are starting to push the envelope.

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