Humor in real life

Today in English class, our lecturer introduced us to “Humor”.

“One way to do it,” she said, “Is to pile it all up, sorta like adding it one sentence after another sentence of details, until it bursts into a tension of laughter.”

Of course, this is my memory of what she said. She talks so fast …

So I thought of the chat we had yesterday.

“There it is–YOUR pothole.”
“There’s puddle in it.”
“There’s a straw in it.”
“It’s a pink straw.”


This is definitely not an accurate example of her teaching, but the idea remains! Piling it up, sentence by sentence, in details, until it gets ridiculous.

The real example is:

Apparently there’s a clause in the standard Television Performers’ Contract stating that every character in a medical drama gets to take a crack at emergency patients.
First doctor: I’ll give him a shot!
Second doctor: I’ll pound his chest!
Third doctor: I’ll stick a tube way up his nose!
Fourth doctor: I’ll find an unoccupied section of his body and cut it open for no good reason!
Janitor: I’ll wash his mouth out with a toilet brush!

This is the sort of “piling up, details” she taught.


2 responses to this post.

  1. wow a teacher with a humor sense? that’s funny.

  2. yeah she is very funny and comical when describing us examples.

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