Dave Barry and my shriveling belly

The same lecturer, in the same lecture, introduced us to Dave Barry’s pieces as examples of using humor in writing. And I cannot stop laughing…

dave-barry-website humor \"if you leave this web site, i will kill this defenceless toilet\"
A visit to his website.

But that’s not the funniest part. Barely 2 paragraphs into another of his pieces I found online and I’m laughing so happily, just good-natured laughter. Not a snort. Not laughing out loud and then thinking at the back of my head, “this is pathetic…” or “this guy’s a loser!” Just plain old ha-ha funny! Must admit he’s a great humor writer!

Examples of his works.
The ones I read in class:
This won’t hurt a bit
‘Einstein Gap’: It’s all relative

I think he writes about daily life. Something all of us can relate to. That’s why it’s such an easy read. Plus he writes simply. Doesn’t use jargons or stuff we don’t understand–like what goes on in the surgeon’s room. Even if he plans to narrate that, he writes it in such idiot-proof way we can laugh about it.



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