“Captivate My Heart”

One. Various Artists. New Creation Church.

Shortly after I got saved, I took Bardie‘s hard disk and copied all her Hillsong‘s over. Then I paused. Scroll down. More albums under “Christian” folder. Enlarge window. Wow. Filled with Christian albums. So I decided to copy a few more over sneakily.

She turned around and asked, “Why don’t you get it all?”

Stunned, I thought, yeah why not.

Almost a year later, more than half of the songs remain unplayed, many many reporting a total play-count of dash. Their artists sit like a stranger’s name in my itunes.

Occasionally I discover gems like this:

Captivate My Heart
by New Creation Church, Various Artists. Into His Presence: One
Click here to listen from a website

And I would be so happy that I would play it over and over again. It calms me, it shook my night, it made me cry, it make me stop, it made me listen, it flowers inner joy, it fired me off… it does anything but produces no emotion in me.

Previous Christian songs that gives the night its flavor:

  • Chris Rice’s Lemonade, When did you fall – “sweet, natural escape”
  • Lounge Worship’s More Power More Love, I can only imagine, Holy is the Lord, Why – “AWWWWWWWE-some”
  • America’s Newest Praise &Worship Favorites’s I could sing of your love forever – “nice old favorite”
  • Planetshakers’s For the Cause – “energetic!”

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