Tweetscan is… recent

Tweetscan is, basically, metaphorically, essentially, a keyword search on the content of all Twitter users.

I’m surprised. Because even a word like “lobotomy” brings up entries as recent as yesterday, not including mine–a definition of it–today…

Some of them are quite funny..

AlmightyShmoo : In an emergency, a lobotomy is best performed with: A) a screwdriver B) a coat hanger C) a nail gun D) alcohol E) a chainsaw Too much! << (2008-04-04 16:32:16)

SarahLena : I THINK I MAY NEED A VACATION. OR A LOBOTOMY. (Sidenote: how do you spell lobotomy?) << (2008-04-02 11:13:56)

while some of them are confusing..

sleepydog : @documentally probe check shovel check tranceiver check lobotomy check << (2008-04-06 15:37:51)

GingerTPLC : Quote for the day: “It’s psychosomatic. You need a lobotomy. I’ll get a saw.” (it’s going to be a good day) << (2008-04-06 07:20:35)


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