The weather is beginning to turn really sunny and cool in the day, because of the bright piercing sunlight that appears from around 9 a.m. to 7 p.m..

I can hear voices from the grass outside the building. People are having picnics, sun-tanning, doing assignments, and just hanging out in the sun. I think its a good time to go to the beach now!

picnic outside flint, ub, spring has arrived

People are playing football in the parking lot in the day. They wouldn’t get knocked down by cars because the only vehicles moving in the apartment parking lot are the school buses, shuttle vans and occasionally a few student cars. Most students only take their cars out in the weekend, to go out or to go home.

When I go out in the day, I will turn on the air-conditional in the car. Sometimes the car gets so warm even before I turn on the engine because of all the stored heat from the day. I am wearing less layers. I shed my furry jacket and resolved to only wearing a hoodie or my windproof jacket, balancing with warmth from food, buildings and my car and less walking outside.

At night it gets chilly, because of the wind. Hoodie won’t last you unless you won’t be out in the cold for a long time.

Spring is here! It’s is not humid like Singapore, I haven’t sweat a drop since I came here. But I still get dehydrated because it is very dry in the air–the exact opposite of SG.


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