Some thoughts on Effective Communication 101

I was viewing another online workshop, this time on Effective Communication 101.

Being a Communication major, I naturally thought there won’t be much to learn. However, I do have a few thoughts that I want to pen down, if not written as a paper in my undergrad years.

1. Not having facial expressions is a physical barrier to online chatting, because non-verbal expressions are lost. Special types of communication that are not direct in their verbal meaning; that requires the coordination of both non-verbal and verbal communication to realize its meaning are not possible on online chatting, such as ‘sarcasm’. Quote from Melanie Bentley-Cruz: “unless they develop an emoticon for sarcasm.”

I think: Not having facial expression can add to the overall positive experience of online chatting. Not having facial expression can eliminate a part of perceptual barriers, not totally but perhaps minimize. Perceptual barriers is the barrier caused by how differently we see the world from each other because our communication methods and content is colored by our background, the way we grew up, the way we learn to respond to others and many, many other things that make up who we are today.

How does absence of facial expression eliminate perceptual barriers? Absence of facial expression or physical presence do away with perceptual information and minimize perceptual barriers.

From the side of the communicator, she/he can concentrate on verbal communication only and not have to think about how her/his non-verbal communication might be saying about her/him.

From the side of the receiver, she/he can imagine returning non-verbal communication to suit her/his fantasy. A big part of miscommunication comes when the receiver fails to receive what the sender intends to signal.


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