Magazines Flood

I overbought at some brand name website and to reward me for giving in to my retail whim, they gave me a free 1-year subscription of Teen Vogue. My first issue arrived today.

Teen Vogue April 2008

I made a mistake of ordering these Lego Club magazines (free for 2 years) when all they have are pictures of display sets of Lego environments and comics. What was I expecting anyway?

Lego Club Magazine Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr 2008

And there’s the never-ending CondeNast Traveller. I’m not even paying for it.

CondeNast Traveler April 2008

How come it’s free?

It came with some orders from Amazon. This Bizrate magazine ad pops up in my face saying I have earned myself 1 year free subscription to 4 types of magazine and asked me to proceed for selection. Small print says I only have to pay $1-$2 for shipping for each magazine. Any 1st grader knows that adds up to $8 at the most. The next thing I know, my account dips by $20 every week as each magazine subscription is processed. $8 to –> $80 ??

Bizrate logo

I got mad and emailed/called Bizrate for a full refund. They did give it to me. Unfortunately the first batch of magazines arrived a few weeks later. Backpacker sent me 2 more issues with the bill enclosed before realizing I wasn’t going to pay up. Traveller hasn’t been able to stop. Ah well, with colorful photos lying around in my room, I won’t complain.


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