The Right to Publicize Self-Gossip

I have always wondered why do people like to gossip about themselves. Is that really important to them? Do I really want to hear this? What can I respond with?

This is important to me because it affects the way I respond to their topics “of interests”, and my behavior towards them and it leads all the way up to my relationship with them.

I know I know. They want to share.

I know I know. They think it’s important to them.

I know I know. They think it’s a form of connecting.

Then I decided—I wouldn’t want to curse my friends. The (Greek/Hebrew) translation for curse in the Bible is “to make light of”. That means, whenever you make light of something, you curse it. Whenever you make light of something your friend said, you curse his thoughts. By cursing his thoughts, you make him feel less important. By making him feel less important, if he is smart, he probably finds that, hey, he cannot get the kind of respect from you and your relationship is screwed; or if he is not that smart, he develops low self-confidence.

I strongly believe a person’s thoughts connect very deeply to his identity.

Maybe. Maybe. This is really important to them. How they stumble out of bed in the morning. Who they speak with at lunch this afternoon. What kind of jam they prefer over their bread. The kinds of polka dots they prefer on their shirts—large one or small one or overlapping ones. Maybe these are really important to them. Hey we do that all the time don’t we? By blogging? All these narcissists statements. All these self-importance. They were merely channeling it to a live person.


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