B.C. Andrea

I seeked Jesus when I was lost. Not even a Christian yet, I seeked Him because I know He saves. I wondered about this person, Jesus. I wondered about His name. At the end of my wits, I turned to Him. I accept responsibility for this. He did not force me. He gave me a choice. I chose Him. I chose to follow Him. And the rewards… are tremendously great. Oh my God. He gave me more than I ask for. He gave me everything that I used to ask for.

It is a very lifting, and supernatural encounter.

Jesus always gives us a choice to follow Him or not. He does not force. All people do is reject Him. When we are at a crossroad, we see two roads. One full of light, that is the path towards Him. The other one, the selfish one, dark, is not towards Him. When I am pulled in all directions between these two roads and I don’t know what to do, I stay put. I stop struggling. I call for His help. And He will come get me.


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