A Resume Makeover before I Will

My resume has, like, improved by exponential rates after just going for 2 sessions. From little content, bad layout, to good content, good layout to really awesome content and fantastic layout. I wouldn’t really say its ready to face people yet, just a few more tweaking and I’ll put it up here for everyone to share 🙂

The counselors at the UB Career Services really helped me focus on the really important stuff. The first time I went, the counselor took a look and gave it a total makeover. The second time I went, which was yesterday, I thought the layout was good already and it probably just needed changing a few words. But no. The counselor highlighted some very important stuff after I raised some questions.

First Version
resume first version
– a whole new standard of layout, the company was put first, and put in bold, followed by the country and then the month and year
– “education” part was also reformatted, UB has a strict way of writing their school name and name of degree.
– the overall layout looks neat and consistent 🙂
– counselor had two layouts for me to follow, I chose one
– keep career objectives to one sentence, keep it simple, usually formatted according to the job description
– use active verbs
– counselor helped me split up my experiences to “internship”, “projects” and “skills”.
– Also, from education achievements, I branched out to “college achievements” and “activities”. The counselor told me to stick to accomplishments made during college. I also took away “personal achievements”
– Reformatted my first name, last name and the name I like to go by

Second Version
resume version 2
– this time I brought along a job advertisement I’d like to apply
– adjust career objectives according to job description
– she says, put in GPA if its 3.0 and above
– keeps my layout more consistent by putting month, year and country at the same positions
– shifted my categories around according to the importance the prospective company place on them and also according to how successful I am in them
– took out “college achievements” and split them into “activities” and “skills” (apparently I have no college acvhievements, so sad)
– concentrate on my “skills”, “experience” and “projects” column instead, cos those are my strengths
– organise my “skills” section to ‘computer skills’ and ‘language skills’
– ask me about my work situations that happened a long long time ago, made me relate to stories so I can put down what I did under “experience” in active verbsmore power!
– talks a little about cover letter
– gets me focused on putting down what I have learnt instead of how long I have been on the job or how many course credits I have on the particular skill set
– oh, I took out “professional affliations” myself, but the workshops I went today changed my mind. In fact, I’m going to be adding to it.

The only thing I don’t really agree with is the “career objectives” part. I think it shouldn’t be boring like repeating job description. It should be like really truly your motive for joining the company and how you hope to help out, or add to the company.


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