WTC? What happens to the World Trade Center now?

World Trade Center-under construction

Yes, it is going through construction now.

Tribute Center to WTC
Didn’t go in. Didn’t want to cry on my vacation.

Even though WTC has no virtually connection with me—-I wasn’t boasted of its majestic design or important function, I didn’t have any relative work there, I hadn’t been to the building before, I have no memories of WTC prior to its attack—-a sudden sadness overtook me.

WTC Restricted Entrancebuildings surround WTC
SKyscrapers surrounding the former WTC.

Flags of Honor
Flags of Honor WTC

While I snapped pictures of this 4-wheel drive, a police officer broke out into chants to the surrounding tourists, “Take pictures, take all you want, this is the WTC site, and this van here pays tribute to…. ”

Assigned to guard over the memorial of WTC, he is faced with the feelings of hurt pride and America’s lost everyday. He naturally wants to advertise his pique. He gets to.

Other Americans look at the papers, feel sad, fold up their papers and forget about the stories and look toward a brighter side. He guards it everyday.

More Pictures


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