Data-mining instead of The Bible

You look at my Twitter and you know I’m up to something.

I’ve been trying to go for some of those very interesting seminars, that UB offer for 1 credit. But I don’t need the credit, really. I’m already graduating!

I went for

The Bible
Instructor: Diane Christian
Department: English
Day and Time: Wednesday, 2:00 – 2:50 pm
Location: 610 Clemens Hall
Section: NNN
Registration Number: 098460
Hebrew and Christian Bible Highlights. The seminar will look at 14 famous stories—including Adam & Eve, Abraham & Sarah, Joseph, Moses, Ruth & Esther, David, Isaiah’s suffering servant, Job, Ecclesiastes, The Song of Songs, Chris, Mary, the Acts of the Apostles, the Apocalypse.

without realising it is for next Fall. Which is good news for me! Because I initially wanted to go for

Data Mining: Myths and Realities
Instructor: Satish Tripathi
Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Day and Time: Mondays, 4:00 – 4:50 pm
Location: 257 Capen
Section: DDD
Registration Number: 130892
During the last decade the rate of data generation and storage has increased exponentially. In fact, predictions estimate the codified data generated will double every eleven hours within the next couple of decades. This rate of data generation will make it extremely difficult to get the desired information for a common user. Data-mining provides a very important tool to find “information” from data. In this seminar we will study discovery of information from huge data. Applications range from business, humanities to biological sciences.

but when it started disappearing from the webpage (replaced by Fall’s schedule) I thought it was over for me.



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