BustedTees Busted when it comes to paying up

I saw some stuff at BustedTees I really like. When I don’t understand a tee’s pun, I read their description and some of the are really cute. Plus the guys were cute.

capitalist pig t-shirt
Great thing about this shirt is that people may throw coins at you.

long distance relationships t-shirt
Because relationships are a marathon, not a sprint.
This one’s my favorite. Will totally take the tension out of a LRD. Smiles. (above)

shit happens t-shirt
Depression, as currently defined by the American Psychological Association Journal, can be traced back to this specific situation. (above)

This one totally reminds me of Wizard. Of the first few things she said to me. (above)

Everybody loves ramen t-shit
Some people may argue it’s too predictable for their taste. Yes I agree. (above)

arrhhhh pirate talk ya free Saturday night
Reads “ARHHHHHH, ya free Saturday night?”
No wonder pirates can never get laid. They spend all year on a ship with other dudes, and when they finally meet a girl its \”arrgh\” this and \”booty\” that.
And also because they look like cavemen adorned with sea salt.

BustedTees has an affliation program for users who would like to make some commission out of recommendation. They have a facebook and webpage installation. I love their tshirts, so I decided to support them. I added their application on facebook and then I saw this on their Discussion Board: “Getting Paid— Anyone?”

The thread starter, Rachel Unger, starts off with “Post here if you have or have not been paid.” And a string of unpaid victims responded.

Uh-oh, should I have second thoughts ordering from them too? Virginia Champoux answered my question.

“I paid for an order, I never got it, they claim to have no tracking number, which goes against their stated policy, and they have been giving me the runaround for over a month, promising to have someone call me back.”

Overall, most people complained about bad customer representative service. Like, they can’t get any person to talk to them at all. Bustedtees’ representatives keep saying they’ll call back and most customers’ phones never ring.

Their walls messages are filled with, “I haven’t gotten paid”, “Did anyone get paid?”, “Is there anyone at all?” *hollers into the distance…

bustedtees bad customer representative - no live person to talk to


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