Western media misrepresents facts in Chinese news: Deception and lies on purpose?

Alright it’s time I let you know.

Riot in Tibet: True face of western media

Eunice wrote an entry talking about patriotism to her country, China, and how mad she felt.

So I asked her what happened. Her video link, Tibet WAS,IS,and ALWAYS WILL BE a part of China speaks of how China doesn’t want Tibet to be independent from it. **(1)

She said:
>> some, a few people in tibet tried want to independence
>> they killed some people in my hometown
>> and i watched CNN BBC ‘S news
>> they said chinese army are killing tibetants, but the in their news,
>> the soldiers are not Chinese
>> they are indian, they didnt wear chinese army’s togaes

She also said,
>> many western medias are lying
>> they told the world chinese are barbarous
>> they want every one in the world to believe chinese gov. is barbarous
>> but actually we treat tibetants like our brothers

She went to say that the men beating up the Tibetians in the news videos in CNN news are not Chinese soldiers. They look like this:
indian soldiers, wrong soldiers, lies in western media, not chinese soldiers
(She sent me a picture of the “wrong soldier”: she named him an Indian soldier.)

Chinese soldiers look like this:
chinese soldiers, lies in western media,
(picture taken from True Face YouTube video, embedded above)

CNN error reporting catches the attention of China internauts and a string of comments.

The True Face video reported on German, UK and USA media, from distinguished media like the Washington Post, BBC and Der Spiegel, which claims to be “Europe’s leading newsmagazine and Germany’s top news Web site” on its website.

True Face has over 22,000 comments, 670,000 views, is registering a comment every minute as I write now, has someone streaming the video live as you watch it.

A sequel to True Face can be found in another YouTube video.

German media apologies for the mistaken identity but it does not appease Westerners and Asians, saying they “always do this”.

Misrepresenting facts on a the Asia continent consistenly–stupidity or deception?

**(1) A great contrast to how Malaysia couldn’t wait to disown us (Singapore). Ok irony to my Malaysian citizenship and Singapore permanent residency. (Ok, Malaysia, Singapore, don’t fight… don’t fight…) Makes things really difficult for people like us who owns citizenship to both countries and who wants to maintain loyalty to both countries, or who, simply, crosses the border every other day.


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  1. Posted by Yvonne on March 24, 2008 at 9:14 am

    i was shocked when i saw this video on youtube. As a citizen from china, i can simply tell those police in e 1st video are china police…
    western media got no excuse for making those misleading reports!

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