“GPS saves the day.”

Eko bought a GPS* machine while I was away on spring break in NYC. For some reason, he decided to leave it in my car. Carefully hidden. (In the words of a local authority figure, “The GPS is the new favorite of car thefts recently.”) Probably because a car naturally goes with a GPS like butter and bread. Milk and honey. Eggs and bacon.

At first, I don’t see the need to have anything to do with it. But now, I realize the inherent usefulness of this little innocent-looking screen.

It not only speaks to you, it draws a lovely picture of your car and your predestined route as well as your surroundings, it also puts a little race flag at your destination. To cut the long story short, this metallic box has become my new best friend on the roads.


His GPS by Garmin. Product shot.

There are many reasons why I have cultivated such a deep liking for this interactive, soothing voice and screen.

1. I got lost AGAIN. Today. This routine of getting lost whenever I attempt to drive beyond Sheridan/Maple/Millersport (the 3 roads that intersects each other to make a little cocoon around UB North Campus, my apartment) is driving me up the wall and increasing my blood pressure in exponential rates.

2. The GPS is not difficult to use, not like I thought it would be. Touch-screen buttons makes my life easier. Simple buttons like ‘Back’, ‘Address’ and the alphabets. Manage to get it set up for my destination the very first time I touch it.

3. The screen is very responsive. It tells you when to turn after you have made a turn, and the miles to go before making a turn. And it tells you to turn again right before you have to signal. It also tells you to keep left or right. It warns you several times if you’re not keeping left or right as we approach the turn. It follows my car even as I speed. Tell me how can I not love this thing.

4. The graphics are easy to recognize. It has a 3D look of your car, the roads and the surrounding main roads. Looking at the back of ‘my car’ from a 45degrees upward view, I feel like God driving a Daytona in the arcade. I wonder if I can change the color of my virtual extension…

5. Love the personified audio. Serves as a great reminder and support for the visual.

*GPS: Global Positioning System


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