Ranting: I have no taste for the world.

We spend the first 20 years learning how to be a human being, defined culturally and in everyway by people 2000 years ago, by people we never met before or even heard of. People who were probably shooting their mind off. People who probably had more persuasion powers than others. This world is a lie. I find no satisfaction in the things of the world. My life. Dwindling years in lasalle, baked by the zinc roof, sketching sketches. Confused identity in primary and secondary school. Wasting way too much time in extra-curricular activities camps, meant for discipline? The disdain. For the threads of personality people worship upon. Got saved in college. My tantrum on my birthday when my brother refused to play with me. My *** whom I hoped to live with, who loves me a lot but we didn’t understand one another. Now. About to step into the world of a rat race. Except it is to a world of culturally different co-workers. Still, we live on. Is Jesus ever going to return? Maybe if we pray hard enough. He’ll hear us. Meanwhile, just take pleasure in the little things of life. But not get lost in them. Like rejoice everytime I made it to my 8am journalism class last semester. Owning a car and being able to drive to south campus for classes and anywhere else for a good meal. Finding good Chinese food in Buffalo. Spending time with people who are leaving me this semester because we are graduating. Who made this world out to be so cruel anyway? Christ in me. Only. Christ in me. Is reality. Self-centered? Maybe. Christ is in me today, where else shall I look to for reality? One day I’ll be an internet marketing billionaire. Even though I don’t see it now, but Christ in me anoints me. He who gives me the dream, will enable me. As long as I keep Him in focus. There is no need to live according to the circumstances. Or under the circumstances. Life is a life full of actions. There is no point speaking or talking about it unless its told like a story. But one thing’s for sure. Life gets better. It happens. It always happens. In the female/male lead’s story. I have no taste for the world.


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