A friend came to me. And … she needs love.

Another friend came to me. And… she needs Jesus.

Lord. Won’t you help them—my friends? I think I care too much for my friends. Lord, I pray to you, please help them. The answer might be on me. But the answer cannot be found on me. Only with your will, can it be found, can they be saved. Lord…

I am unhappy because my friends are unhappy. They have so much lack. They have so many needs. Everybody’s going round and round looking to satisfy their needs, looking for love, except to look to you. And what can I bring forth about the Lord Christ Jesus?

I am so emotionally drained by my friends. In the first place, why am I even emotionally connected, or affected, like a thermometer, like a sponge, picking up their every… signs and signals?

Have you ever met people who are nice and happy on the outside and spiritually negative on the inside? I would like to say ‘spiritually zero’ but I sense darkness. Darkness is depression. Depression makes one go below zero. If they were zero, they would be neutral, nonchalant; they wouldn’t give a damn to the world.

Why Lord, is the world so much fallen. It’s Adam’s sin. But Christ’s redemption is greater! YES! Christ’s redemption is GREATER.


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  1. Posted by Janice on March 20, 2010 at 11:05 pm

    After reading the article post by you i feel that the world needs people like you. You like to help others. You remind me of a Michael Jackson song Heal the World make it a better place. May God continue to bless u in this area of gift to help others. take care gal

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