Near the Rockefeller buildings (about 3 rows of them) are Radio City and the NBC Studios and the NBC Candy store.

At the top of the Rockefeller Plaza is the Observation Deck, you go up to the “Top of the Rock” and see…the entire NYC. Another place you can “go up and see the entire nyc” is the Empire State Building.

Merchandise of Heroes, Office, Gray’s Anatomy, and many more…
Got my Wonka bar and Whirly Pop in NBC Candy store

These places offers tours and talks about the history of radio and tv in new york city.

Ice-skating Rink at Rockefeller

The Electronic Fountain outside Rockefeller Plaza

Facing the music: the Electronic Fountain is this guy plastered on the entrance of Rockefeller Plaza
He looks like Zeus, God of Greek Gods

John D. Rockefeller. philanthropist. revolutionized the petroleum industry. From Wikipedia.
– Founded the Standard Oil Company and became first U.S. dollar billionaire, and is often regarded as the richest person in history.
– Pioneered the development of medical research and instrumental in the eradication of hookworm and yellow fever..

This was still Day 1.


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