New York City Day 1

nyc streets
I took a subway from the airport to 34th street, Penn Station, where Manhatten Inn Hostel is about 4 streets away. This, is my first glimpse of the city when I come out of the subway station underground.

nyc streets

The Subway, popular public transport in NYC
Err…. not as new and high-tech as Singapore’s MRT. When it came, I thought choo choo train some ler. Inside the train, not very dirty also. I actually got a video of it coming into the station. Don’t know where it is now…

The first day in NYC: I walked till my right thigh hurt. Followed by my right knee the next few days.

After taking a nap in Manhatten Inn Hostel, Viv called me up and ushered me into the sun. Says its a good day with no rain.

My first stop: Empire State Building
empire state building

Andrea at 5th Avenue

Trump Tower, 5th Avenue
trump tower 5th aveue

Fat Pigeons in NYC!
Finally see life in US.

Everybody’s favorite

New York State Public Library

Saks, 5th Avenue, the place Gossip Girls always shop

Live “band” in Saks


Outside Rockefeller Center

Andrea at Times Square, West 42nd Street
Bright Lights, Big City

times square, hard rock cafe
madame tussaud's wax museum
times square

*Takes a deep breath*

Viv and I went to the M&M’s store

We saw Disco M&M
M&M's times square
M&M's times square, liberty
M&M's times square

Wah lao, i think we’ll call it a day — day 1


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