New York City

I would like to change everything I’ve said about New York City, having now been to the city itself. Everything I said about the city was heard from others.

The streets are not dirty. Not for a city. I think Orchard Road is dirtier. Heck, Buffalo is littered with snow. The pigeons are fat. I see an even mixture of young, old, black, white and asian. The vehicles on the roads are impatient. They horn at everything—pedestrians crossing at a red light, taxi stopping to pick up people, cars which wouldn’t move across a box, drivers who take a little more time to move at a green light because of a jam upfront. The buildings are mostly old-fashioned, medieval looking.

The people are not rude. At least not if you’re polite to them. I saw people shout vulgarities at each other, but not to a lost tourist like me. They offer to help me find my directions a few times when I looked lost.

Dishonest people? I seriously think Chinese can be more cunning than these Whites. These people operate by trust. The competition is how honest verbally you can be. Not how you can outsmart each other.


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