The clubs in NYC are playing ‘Lovestoned’ a lot

The clubs in NYC are playing ‘Lovestoned’ a lot, so I went to check his (Justin Timberlake) videos, and then remembered he used to come from N’SYNC. I remembered my favorite video of N’SYNC was ‘This I Promise You’. I remembered watching it. I remembered liking it.

N’SYNC – This I Promise You

I remembered all the guys in N’SYNC looked super ugly for a boy band and off-putting except for maybe the lead boy and Justin. I remembered when each their individual faces were featured in the video I felt my puke rising. I remembered getting confused-who is the lead boy, is it Justin or the dark-haired guy. Because Justin was featured a lot in the video along with the dark-haired boy and he sang half the song. I remembered I wish the dark haired boy would stop screeching when it comes to his part of the song. I rather he gave it to Justin.

I remembered liking the forest scenes. The city scenes. The bubbles. The models with their neutral-racial looks.


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