the Aftermath of Snow: Ice

You wouldn’t believe what just happened to me.

My car got pulled out of the snow.

Because, I went too fast exiting the highway ramp, and there was a car coming from behind me, (I didn’t know if there was a lane for me or does my lane join the slowest lane) so I swerve. And the car got out of control and finally came to a stop very nearrrrrrrrr a longkang. Oh well, it’s a different kind of longkang here. It’s icy water, mix with snow, some ice chunks and mud buried deep.

I can only thank God I didn’t hit anything, the car was fine in its physical form, people were safe.

There’s like snow mountains everywhere. You would mistake it for a snow hut I’m serious. Dig a door, walk into it and think its an igloo. Only your roof will collapse on you.

It’s like a mixture of snow, ice, and water everywhere in Buffalo.

My high-security side door is stuck on ice, not rubber.

Moral of the story: DON’T GO OUT ON SNOWY DAY.


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