Andrea says: (11:30:04 PM)
u know
Andrea says: (11:30:09 PM)
i was pretty amazed
Andrea says: (11:30:11 PM)
i have this friend
Andrea says: (11:30:25 PM)
who’s a non-believer, who could understand perfectly well what it meant
Andrea says: (11:30:44 PM)
to believe in God for something , but yet she did not believe
Andrea says: (11:30:52 PM)
im amazed
Andrea says: (11:31:13 PM)
she could give me complete sentence on what it meant, and i could find no flaw in her statements, but she’s not a believer
Andrea says: (11:31:18 PM)
and thats not the same.
Andrea says: (11:31:54 PM)
therefore, my conclusion is, to ‘believe’ is not ‘to know’. but u need ‘to know’ in order to ‘believe’.


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