New Creationers: Realise how blessed you are.

I emailed my sista yesterday about something which greatly moved my heart, shook my world, and just displaced me a little from where I used to be.

Carleton, an American friend of mine I met at the local church (actually I met his wife first), invited me to his house last Saturday. He started telling me how he wasn’t satisfied at the local church, how he just felt ‘dead’ inside whenever he attends the church, and he is not receiving anything.

Then I introduced him to Pastor Prince. He went to Youtube, looked at all the videos, called me back on Tuesday evening and said, (if i may use his words) he felt like “Dory recovering its memory after listening to Pastor Prince speak”.

A perfect testimony here.

He said that ever since i left on saturday, he went to watch every video on youtube, sometimes late into the night 1am, and re-reading the Bible over and over again for the past 2 days. He said previously, what he knows from the Bible but never heard anyone said it, is confirmed and made LIVE in Pastor Prince’s preaching. This “LIVE” meant he felt LIFE coming from the Word of God through Pastor Prince’s preaching.

He said i was so so so lucky to be born in this kind of teaching. He said, this is the first time he has seen the teachings of grace, the Holy Spirit, and believing in miracles all in one person. Other pastors he has listening to, has it half here and half there.

He also said, i am such such such a blessing to him and his family. 🙂

* * *
Before any of these happened, I was just floating, trying, with all my might to grab on tightly to our Father and his true Word. (I’m glad I was picky. haha.) Ever since i return to the U.S., i only went church once, on the first week and then never returned. i didn’t even go to the fellowships anymore. Not the Monday, not the Friday one too. i just had to stop kidding myself, ya know. i came to the realisation that i was now without a home, a church body. i just put all my energy into studying, going out (since now i have a car), getting a car, and all the worldy matters that i know wouldn’t make my spirit any happier!!! Like Carleton, I couldn’t find any preachers of pure grace here in our little neighbourhood.

I still remember, when I first came over in August 2007, my first priority was finding a good home church here. I didn’t have any “criteria” figured out. I just wanted what it felt “right”. I remember Anj telling me to find a preacher of Grace. I guess I tried.

* * *
Now that I have a fellow believer in the Gospel of Grace, near me, I want to introduce him to all the goodness that I was being born with, and Pastor Brian Houston and the broadcasts on ABC Family, Daystar and and … many many things.

* * *
Once again, i just see how our Abba picks us up time and time again, and puts us 10miles ahead in a second where we would take 10days to run.

Amen. Hallelujah to our Father Abba, Glory to Jesus!


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