UB to have underground parking and tunnels

For such harsh weather conditions and with people constantly taking off to the next shelter and experiencing “face massages” by the icy wind, I THINK…


This is not a new idea. Cities like Singapore, where I come from, they’re constantly digging the ground and God only knows how much deeper we can go without standing on hollow.

Singapore does it for keeping off the rain, and most importantly the heat. So we air-condition our tunnels and line it both sides with retail shops, as a means to recoup the loss of a public commodity, served as entertainment on the front.

Slowly, the overhead bridges are melting into non-existence. No one wants to climb them, and it just takes too much effort to build a structure as opposed to bombing a section of the ground and slowly cementing its wall, said me.

So Singapore’s newest idea is to build a basement linking all major shopping centres together in Orchard Road, our prime shopping district. Well, not bad an idea.

But after living in Buffalo for near 5 months, I am begin to appreciate Singapore’s weather so much so much more. Singapore’s weather makes me feel less like a buffalo (carrying thick fur around me) and invincible to rain or shine, because there’s nothing my skin can’t take. I never use to read up on weather reports. But these days, I find it essential to install a widget on my dashboard that tells me the temperature and weather conditions every second. Nightly weather reports are my daily fix during news watch too.

SO, with such harsh weather conditions, Buffalo, or we’ll start with UB first, need something like a dome to protect them walking on the surface of the Earth.

Seen The Simpsons movie? Springfield, where the Simpsons live, were putting out too much pollution, so the President ordered a glass dome to be put over that city, locking the entire city in but yet able to keep watch from the outside.

I cannot find a picture, but…. you get the idea.

I’m sure the students will be very grateful for acceptable walking conditions. They may not have reasons to get to class late again.


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