Health and the Lord

The Lord told me that, the only reason why I or any other Christians are not walking in good health and wholeness is because they did not “discern the Lord’s body.”

But the viruses and bacteria are attacking. Exactly. The Bible also says, any weapon that is formed against you shall not prosper, therefore we triumph bacteria and viruses because by His stripes we are healed. Therefore it only makes sense that the ONLY reason we are not well is because we did not discern the Lord’s body.

The Lord has made special provisions for our health and this is all found in the Death of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we come to partake at his table. Jesus Himself, before death, advocated taking His body and eating it. It was at the last supper with His disciples. Who are we to say no? In fact, He practiced Holy Communion with His disciples at meal times, as recorded in Matthew.

Mark 14:51 Who is this young man who fled naked?

As Jesus prays for all believers before He was arrested, I realize a number of things:
-“We” are not the whole world
-The whole world will witness through us, Christians that the Father has sent Jesus Christ and that the Father loves us even as He loves Jesus, His Beloved Son.


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