That was fast

A few days ago, heard my friend said he got a virus attack on his computer which had to be reinstalled. He also said, almost everyone he knew ‘kena’ it, meaning their computers got the virus as well.

The campus-in-charge has sent us emails 2x to warn us of suspicious emails yada-yada, as far as I can remember. Maybe its my lack of diligence when it comes to opening attachments, or maybe Mac is just immune from virus. Whatever it is, I was shield and sheltered from the disastrous ‘reformatting, restart, reinstall’ customary act. These words, so familiar to any Windows-user. Luckily I am out of it!

Today, I found this, at my doorstep.

UB computer repair

Pretty ingenious I would say. Preferably a UB student. Computer Engineering Senior. Or a Computer Engineering aspiring sophmore.

Some of us, given a grace period of 3 months, would never even get the idea.

The bad news is, my friend has already reformatted his computer. What are the chances the rest has not? What are the chances more people will be hit by the same virus?


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