I can’t.

I can’t do this. I can’t take COL 345—Contemporary Film Theory. I will fail miserably.
Literature? About film? British accent? HUH?

“Audiovisual counterpoint will be noticed only if it sets up an opposition between sound and image on a precise point of meaning. This kind of counterpoint influences our reading, in postulating a certain linear interpretation of the meaning of the sounds.”
–Can someone speak modern English?

“If I do occasionally use the term soundtrack it is in a technical way, to designate empirically the simple end-to-end aggregation of all sounds in a film—inert and with no active autonomous meaning.”

These are just some of the few sentences that I manage to understand the first few words and totally lost it after that. In total, I lost 99% of 2 pages and I shudder to think the % increase after 2 more pages.


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