My Goals

Goals are a good thing. It keeps me focused and going. I was trying to refocus myself on my Goals and I remember writing them down somewhere…

I wrote this like in December last year:

the Dream: get a job, get a SSN, get somewhere in your career, get a car, get a nice apartment with not so many restrictions, work out, get some more where in your career like maybe start your own real business, get a bigger nicer apartment, fill it up with nice lil things, do gardening, really work out on your car, adopt South Asian kids…

ok some of these plans will probably have to readjust its timeline along the way.

I have added NEW Goals:
after graduation, for the next 2 years
– part-time Masters program, MBA
– get a job
AND, for other years to come:
– get a web business
– get into real estate
– get married 😉
What about:
– get Informatics degree?

to do everything in the SHORTEST TIME! I am rather impatient and loves multi-tasking. There’s just so much to do.
I want to do all these before I am 30. Shouldn’t be a problem 🙂 THANK YOU FATHER. 😉

Hey, wanna thank Eko for letting me mindlessly bouncing off ideas. Lol! He’s a good listener!


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