MacBook Air

Apple has a new laptop named MacBook Air. Fancy name. It is meant to mean “really lightweight”. And I love the idea of lightweight because I am carrying my laptop around these days on campus because it makes me productive; I am essentially becoming a geek.

The first things I notice about this new kid on the block is that – it doesn’t have a CD nor DVD-ROM. Don’t panic! The logic/reasoning Apple gave for not having a slot to insert your CDs or DVDs is because Air is wireless. Which means if you really really need to insert a CD or really really really need to read a DVD, you could always switch on the wireless feature on your Air and let it feed off the CD/DVD-ROM of another computer in the vicinity. Which means, Air is not independent.

Not very smart isn’t it.

The Apple website only gave an example of “installing softwares” as a use of CD/DVD. But what if I simple need to read them? Like play a song? Ok they have mp3s now. Play a movie? I have no business ripping a movie off a DVD just to watch it. Listen to my CD sermons? Tsk. (These information can be found at:

Air is not independent.

AND. And. Watch this.

Under ”Tech Specs”, I found the sale of a Superdrive under “Accessories”. How ridiculous can this get.

The Superdrive is a:

-Slot-loading 8x SuperDrive (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
-Size: 139 x 139 x 17 mm / 5.47 x 5.47 x 0.67 inches (L x W x H)
-Weight: 320 g (0.71 pounds)
-Requires MacBook Air with available USB 2.0 port

So essentially, you are buying an external CD/DVD-ROM cum writer. And you’re paying USD 1,700 (SGD 2,446.13) for this new computer? Can we check out some Fujitsu please.

Is there a trend now for “retreating services” and quality of goods?

Other than these alarming notes I made in my head for Air, I must applaud Apple for the ingenious wireless idea. And the extra fun stuff which are going to come with the box — Micro-DVI to DVI adapter, Micro-DVI to VGA adapter, except I think I already have one of them. (

Because Air has the ability to tap into other computers’ harddrive, Apple justifies by slashing hard disk capacity to 80GB and 64GB. My current Macbook is 80GB so I have no problems with that. The thing I don’t under stand is why is the 64GB 2x more expensive than the 80GB when the only difference is a 0.2GHz processor?

Air is a Mystery.

This is all you have for Inputs. The USB port being for the superdrive.

And another one for power on the other side.

No Ethernet port. Err… is the wireless really that strong?

The mouse trackpad techniques was quite impressive though. Kinda like what they had already done for iPhone.

I have to figure out what this means. Don’t even bother telling me the obvious.

I still do not want to get an iPhone. (Take away the AT&T I’ll consider!) I still don’t really like Air. Show me something better, Apple.

I have a crack-hole on my Macbook, screams! Well that shows how much I have been using it and how much I love using it.

Question: Would you pre-order this thing? Cos its not on sale yet. The marketing people might have more time to persuade you-i don’t know.


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