Friday the 13th

This morning, I got up and remembered something about Friday the 13th, that it was an unlucky day, and decided to review my beliefs.

As young as I was, I seek to understand why Friday the 13th was unlucky. I was told the story of Jesus and his 12 disciples on a boat (13 people) and a storm hit the boat. I never did buy into the story because I thought, well I am not a Christian so it doesn’t concern me.

But NOW that I am a Christian I still do not buy into that story because… it is simply not biblical at all. Shrugs.

All these connections Man made up to scare himself really amuses me. If Jesus had only 12 disciples, then everytime they hit a disaster, it would be considered an unlucky number? Then wouldn’t it be true for the opposite? (–That everything something good happened to the 13 people, Jesus and disciples, 13 is a LUCKY number). Who can guarantee that is Jesus got rid of one disciple (preferably Judas), nothing bad would happen to them on their way to spreading the Gospel? Gah?


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