What keeps me going.

I am not depressed. I am not sad. I am not in love. I am just nothing. I am just full of my dreams and full of my hope. And full of God.

And I am learning everyday.

But I am not joyful. Maybe its not such a bad thing after all. Social Psychology said happy people are more likely to be manipulated because of their tendency to agree to whatever the other party says, to maintain a joyful and balanced relationship I guess? And this is Science! Like research and external and internal validity and all! (For those who took Research Methods classes)

I thought about this particular couple in my block that got really close only after they were brought out of their hometown to this new land. One of them went back to the hometown. The other stayed.

Oh how agonizing it must be for the one who went home to realize he is “in transit” when he found someone he liked here.

I remember not liking to go back to Singapore because I didn’t like to be “in transit” too.

Then it hit me. Being in America is “IN TRANSIT” itself.

“In Transit” means standing at the edge of the world, thrown to the ends of the world.

Just some Saturday morning thoughts.


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