Flickr Sucks

Anyway, Flickr sucks.

First they force Yahoo! Photos to move over. Then they say because they have nicely arranged yahoo photos into albums for us, like yahoo photos used to do, we are under the new system called Flickr Pro.

Flickr Pro lasted only a few months. And now we are worse off than before. We not only lost our albums-shelving privilege, we also lost view of our older photos, limited to only the last 200 pictures.

But luckily the links to the photos still work.

All these can be revered if we pay a few bucks per month to be part of Flickr Pro.

What is this? Get rich enough to buy-out another company, take away consumers’ choices and then realise you had to devalue your service to your existing customers, unless they make you richer?

Like Link from Hairspray says: “Kiss My Ass.”


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