Chosen Courses

It was Thursday. I spent the last 3 and a half days running around the campus, trying out new classes, staring at the half-baked schedule in Excel, biting my nails, trying to arrange the best schedule according to my interests and its availability in terms of time.

And finally. The final schedule is out of the oven like freshly baked cake. I am taking 2 web programming courses, 1 business course, 1 american history and design course (forced to take one) and lastly, 1 film studies course.

The web programming courses are still pending on the side of its availability to me. Unless someone drops out of the course by next Friday, I cannot be accepted into the courses. But I got backup plans. 😉

I had the American history and Design course today. it is one of those HUGE lectures like the Social Psy class I took last semester. Some of you may remember this picture.

It is not the same room, but similar structure.

I knew if I wanted myself to pay attention I had to go early to class (by e sheer volume of classmates) and sit right infront and I LOVE the way she teaches by example. I am almost amazed and thankful she does. Amazed cos I never found a teacher who would take you thru’ each step by examples! I learn best by example. 🙂

Plus I really like her sense of humor. TWO THUMBS UP! Plus 2 toes.

I had my first lesson of film studies course too. The film studies course is a little chim. Seriously, I feel very heart-pain to drop Basic Documentary too. Cos I really enjoyed the class. The main reason I dropped it is cos it doesn’t fulfill any of my course requirement lah. At least not the immediate important ones. And I might be doing my last semester here. The current Film Studies course which I chose to replace Basic Documentary is called Contemporary Film Theory. It is about analyzing the technical aspect of films (closer to what I want/like) and it fulfills a requirement. But the lecturer has a British accent that I find hard to grasp but I think I will have fun with the analysis if I ever sit through any of the readings.

One of my most valued principle is defied now: sleep only when tired.
The other one is: eat only when hungry.


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