3:51 to 4:47 – The Craziest Hour

I had the craziest hour of my life.

3:51 Decided I wanted to go home and get my passport and I-20 to submit my tax application.
3:53 Realised I only had half an hour.
3:56 Said goodbye, got namecard from person, ran off.
4:02 Reach Flint
4:03 Rummage through drawers, fished out passport and I-20
4:05 Left house, set off for office
4:11 Reach office in half-jogging-half-brisk-walking fashion
4:11 Person went out, will be back…
4:12 Spread out my documents, watch as clock ticks…
4:17 She came back.

4:24 Left office to go to Generation-mag office. Have to be quick, cos the next office I’m going to closes at 5.
4:25 Asked for Emma. Not there. Found her “pigeon hole”, ok I forgot what is it called here. Letter something? Letter Hole? Shrugs.

4:35 Set off for Talbert Hall, to submit Employment Letter for Social Security Number application. Office closes in 25 minutes, have to walk fast.
4:45 I think I kinda brisk-walked only. Reach office.

4:57 Strolled out of ISSS. Relieved.

I think its kinda cool my sister once said she saw the Greatest Thing in me. Am I realizing the Greatest in me now? Must always remember, the Greatest thing is not by myself, it is Given by God.


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