I think I might drop the Basic Documentary class eventually. Not because of the gruesome opening movie, but cos I really can’t bulk on more than 5 courses, even though I might want to.

My job at the Generation mag takes up 3 credits. Total cannot exceed 19 credits. 5 courses, its already 15 credits, and plus Generation its altogether 18 credits. Did I have, among the 5 courses, one which gives 4 credits? I don’t know.

These 2 days I have been kinda in a flux. Running around to ‘catch’ as many classes as I can. They call it ‘shopping for classes’. Well, Science has speculated that shopping is a very stressful activity. When it comes to shopping for classes, ‘retail therapy’ is the irony.

WEDNESDAY WILL BE A GREAT DAY. Because it is the day the Lord Hath Made. *wink.


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