"INF 102"

I just had a very interesting “Intro to Informatics” (INF 102) class. Dr. Logan Scott used a really good book to illustrate the concept of a computer and the web, e.g. switches, lamps, tic-tac-toe, manuals…

His illustrations were mostly out of things or activities from daily life. Things we would be in touch with most of our lives and never know any concept out of. But yet, they could be used for a concept of the web.

My required reading is where he picked up most of his illustrations.

The Pattern on the Stone.

Can’t wait to get my hands on the book!

Yesterday, I went for INF216 course, its actually Web Programming II. I am supposed to take Web Programming I first, but heck, I’m on the waiting list for force registration. The last day to add/drop courses is next Friday, we’ll know next friday if I made it or not. Force registration for INF 102 too.

The guys in my Web Programming class are really smart. They ask like smart techie questions or something.


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