Recognizing the Voice of God.

WOW I had a great worship!

You know what was the most significant thing that God did to/in my life today?

Today is Monday. Which means it is the first day of school. After my first class, I was so dissatisfied with it I started talking to myself. (Actually I am still dissatisfied with it.) I asked myself is there any other courses I can take to fill up the required credits? I contemplated going for other courses instead of the intended ones I planned today. Then after a while I started throwing my plans for today away. But as I walked to Destination B on my plan, I recalled how I made those plans out of careful consideration for my future and interests, I recalled how sure I was, at that time, that these are the best plans ever. And I remembered how the Holy Spirit guided me to those plans. Then I compared it to these impulses that sprang out of the moment. These silly wimps.

You are the reason.
Jesus you’re the reason.

I do not like breaks at all. Haha.

I realize there are reasons to take Christ everywhere.

Then I realize I was going thru’ Spiritual Warfare. These impulses are like desires of the Flesh and my plans, those plans that I made a long long time ago, with a clear head, were must better choices than these i duno…

Besides, I had logical reasons for making those plans. And I thought thru’ those logical reasons and agreed to it. Then I remembered my Plan. The BIG PLAN. Shouldn’t lose focus of it. The BIG PLAN. Those smaller plans were in accordance of THE BIG PLAN.

And the BIG PLAN is accordance to glorifying Jesus. In pouring faith into His Path.

I guess everyone of us has a ministry.

I think I need to drink more water. God, rain moisture into my skin!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sebastian on January 15, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    Its such a wonderful feeling to know that even as Singapore and Buffalo is like ocean’s apart, Pastor Prince’s message of grace is still very much alive in you.

    God is amazing!

  2. So good to be true…A smile of everlasting is with you…because of you I’m alive…your love is true and sweet…thank you for the kindness you given thru me since you never let me down…so many temptation of this world…if you are not the one…Give me a power to control this website wire my friends specially that Pc in front of me that I can’t understand what he supposed to mean it by colors.I let it all to you…i will give you my life…amen

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