Prayer for UnBelief

As I come humbly before You Lord, I proclaim that all favors and superabundant Grace were given to me by You. Therefore I exalt You Lord. I exalt thee, in all Your Glory. Me, I am a witness to your all-reaching powers. And I know that You long to Love all, not just those who acknowlege You and come before thee, but even as those who are so far lacking in what You can give, those beside me Lord, yes…

As I sat and ponder what makes me different from my friends who do not believe You, I realize what a huge difference there is. For all things, great or small, I have YOU. And that’s all that matters. I have YOUR LOVE. I have YOUR APPROVAL. And that’s all that matters. I shall come out of darkness into Your Light as You call my name. Lord, this is something non-believers do not have. And I grieve. For they do not know what they’re lacking Lord. Show them, show my friends Lord, I pray for them that You would speak right into their hearts, touch their hearts with your all-emcompassing Love and redeem them with your magnanimous heart. Tell them! They don’t fall short of Your Glory. Your Grace. Your Kingdom. As long as they acknowledge You My Lord. All things is possible in their life. And they would be saved. This is my sincere prayer oh Lord. Show me what I can do to serve your purpose Lord. To serve my ministry. To unite the Body of Christ.



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