Red Caused by the Wind

PB300337 wind

Can ya see… red scatches on my hand. YES its caused by the WIND!

Ok although its like really light and not even close to a 1st-degree burn, but this happened after i was in the wind for like 10minutes. How far can I walk on campus right. Just across the carpark and I reach a building.

I remember there was this period of yesterday when I was walking to the Flint Community Building and, not only did my lips turned icy but my eyeballs hurt from the cold from the wind. I couldn’t even open my eyes. My eyeballs hurt under my eyelids!

My hands are really dry, the upper side of the palm and the underside feels dry. I could see lines showing up like those on a dried prune. Or like trenches along a highway.

To make matters worse, I keep losing my gloves whenever I go out, holding on to them while I walk. NEVER NEVER do that. They just drop off, miraculously, when you thought you have been holding on to gloveSSSSS and not A GLOVE. The GLOVE loses its partner and your heart just breaks. What to do? A thought crosses your mind to wear only ONE glove but you can’t possibly pretend you don’t have the other hand or simply chop it off.

So now, I have ONE red mitten and ONE black micro-fleece glove. And I really like the black one a lot. If I’m desperate I would wear them together. Wait, I hope they’re not on the same side. =/


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