My Prayers.

Oh lord, take my time, take all of it, use it to fulfill your will. Thy Will be done. Use it to do your works. Take me, take my time on earth, let your works be done and glorified in your name. Yes lord.

Oh lord, my Jesus, I love you. So much. And nobody else.

I just want to follow you. Be in your presence. Don’t care what others say of me. You, your words are what I listen to, what I respond to, what I hear only.

Lord, fulfill all my needs. Cos I know I have all I need from you, Lord. In your kingdom, I shall never lack, I receive all your gifts, your righteousness, your provision, your stream never-ending flow of living water, your wisdom and favor with people lord, with all my communities, with my bosses, with people that has power over me but shall never have authority over me except you Lord. My enemies, lord, you prepare a feast infront of them for me. So that I may inherit the peace that you so behold in the thunderstorm. Do I want to talk about the blood? Yes I will. For from jesus’ sacrifice, comes the greatest forgiveness from you lord. The greatest grace and favor landed upon all our entire lives, all the entire community of believers lord such that we are the body of Christ when the spirit of Jesus the son of Man has risen to be seated at the right hand of the throne. Today we are seated at your right hand too. On the throne of grace. We bind ourselves, the body of Christ, to be a witness to your holy sacrifice. To have a prince of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Son of Man die for us, this story must not go wasted. For everytime it is told, one life gets saved.

Lord, I revealed my weakness and I felt rejected. Lord, heal me. You are. You are the healer. When I need healing, when I need protection, when I need assurance, You Are. You are my righteousness. The Lord comes to those who are weak that His works, His works, His entire being may be exalted through the fruitfulness of those who may be weak but the strongest in Jesus Christ, the most anointed, the most miraculous, the most blessed, the richest in Jesus Christ. The lord says, blessed are those whose sins are forgiven by the lord. That’s me! You are the one I reveal my weakness to. Because in you, I am strong. Before Christ, we are all sinners. And sinners as we all are, we need you. Jesus, bless them. Oh lord, bless them. Bless thy sinners, including me and the one who might sin against me. Amen.


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