Story, Joel Osteen

On Sunday nights, at around 12am, I tune in to Channel 84, which is ABC Family. Joel Osteen speaks at this very moment, unfailing. He is such a charming speaker. Awwwww. Blinking eyes, wide “Darlie” smile. AWWWWWW.

Tonight he spoke of not letting your dreams vanish because of what other people say, and that “You are what God say you are.” It doesn’t matter what others say of my success because God planted the seed of success in you, not in others.

He goes on to tell us to be very careful of what other people say about you.

Words are like seeds sowed in our hearts.
You are not what they call you.
You are what you answer to.
Answer to God’s calling.

God calls you His child and the Heir of the World. I remember Pastor Prince using this analogy too. Spend all your time dwelling on God’s Word instead.

Then I thought of a story.

“In a crowded room full of people… so many people. Nobody notices anyone, much less you. A name rang into the air, ‘Andrea’. You answer. People around you turn to look at you, people previously who only notice your sweaty body sticking to theirs, now know you by your name. They look to see who is calling. It is God, our fatherly figure in Heaven, clothed in white light. Immediately, they define you by your beautiful name that God called. They see you as the special one God picked. And through receiving success, God’s glory reign. They see you as the highly favored child of God even more.“

Do you know Jesus and the Bible teaches through stories?

Tiny Updates
On Saturday it started snowing a floor of snow. I took a lot of pictures. OK LA, I know i owe u all a lot of pictures and stories. but be patient k! Thanksgiving Hols is coming, I will spend some time updating. HEE!


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