Some updates….

“God, unveil to me truths, so I may be free from bondage. Let your light shine in lord.”

Hello. Miss me right! I am going to try and fill in posts before I wrote throughout the week but just didn’t have time to post them up. Like I record stuff I wanna write with pictures and just fish them out of my memory along with my feelings that the pictures stimulate.

First thing, I wonder how Juan juan is doing. That girl ah, once reach home (SG), forget about me totally. She and I, leave SG for studies abroad at around the same time, she to Australia, me to the United States. My choice of country may sound more glamorous, but really, she is having all the fun since she lives in the city–Melbourne. Watch me as I endure the harsh winters and battle the cold winds in Spring 2008. Pray no frostbites please.

These few weeks feels like everything is rounding up to an end, assignments are coming by the truckload with very short due-dates, in contrast to the first few weeks of school when I spend most of my time setting up house; exams pass one after another without me realizing and soon we’re all talking about the Finals. Everyone is also preparing towards the much-awaited Thanksgiving Holidays, which is from 21st to 25th Nov. I am at a loss what to do for the holidays still. A few families have invited me to their family dinners and I still don’t know what to do. Yes indecisiveness is a huge trait of ANDREA NG. ROARS.

I am coming home on the second week of December. In anticipation of coming home, I have begun to gather a few things that I deem useless for the U.S. to bring back to SG. Things like my hair-dryer, my cordless phone and my cellphone (to be repaired with SG warranty), shit, all these electronics uses this unusual 3-pin UK plug that we can’t use here. If you ask me, I’d rather get all my electronics here since good offers can be so easily found everywhere. I am also bringing back my rollerblades since I am hardly motivated to blade in the cold.

Things I am bringing back to the U.S. however is a huge lot more. I have made a list of things I will need here throughout the whole semester. Some because it is cheaper, and some because they simply don’t exist in the U.S.. One of the reason why the U.S. is “full of opportunities”. Ya understand?

Things to bring to the U.S. from SG.
11-16-07 things to bring from Singapore

Meanwhile, smart andrea just found out today that UBMicro, the one and only IT store in UB, repairs macbook, is an authorised dealed of Mac. I mean, I have seen people bringing in Dells and HPs and never thought that Mac, being so unique and delicately special, can be repaired at UBMicro too. Gah!


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