Happy Revelations.

I revolutionized my concept of authority. Like clearly recognizing who is the one in power, the one in-charge, the one who can make/break you.

My lecturers, no matter how angry I am with them, no matter how unhappy I am with the way they teach or speak to me, they are the ones who is going to award you an A or a F. End of story.

They have legitimate authority (learnt in Social Psychology). So like it or not, they have power over me.

It is such a simple idea. I don’t know why it is any revelation at all. I guess I’m just the kind of person that, if I don’t like the one in power, I will portray all kinds of opposition behaviour to indirectly rebel against him. Not very good at handling power huh?

And if I like the one in power, I will strive to be teacher’s pet.

The risk of not being able to have yourself under control and yield to the one in power lies in the situation when you have no choice but to be under the system you’re called in.

Yesterday I was reading up my crush’s horoscopes and I had fun laughing. It was pretty entertaining… Just realised how much I’ve grown, cos I used to take these very seriously.


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