I hate Dr Sachs!

Everytime I go up to him after class and ask for help in my speech, he always acts so reluctant to talk to me!

He asked me to go see him for his speech, at a specific time from 9-12, and then he had students who made pre-appointments lining up to see him! WHAT THE HELL!

So I emailed him to make an appointment, and he does not REPLY AT ALL!?!?!?!?!

What kind of lecturer is this? What kind of attitude is this!

It’s so hard to speak to him about my speech! He’s always acting so busy, on the run, always occupied with work or people in his stupid little office. Or not even in his office at all! FARK!

I remember after my first speech, he turned down my appointment TWO TIMES before I finally get to see him on the third time. And he turned it down AFTER I WENT TO SEE HIM. Dr Sachs Dr Sachs, your time is so precious and important huh, and MINE IS NOT???

I hate public speaking!

-Andrea, lack of proper sleep, having a nervous breakdown preparing Monday’s speech. Not hormonal change due to pregnancy or menstruation.

I’m under Grace…


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