Chat w Jeanne

Feeling dead but alive, a little testimonial. Spiritual Warfare is indeed tough.

Andrea says: (4:54:07 AM)
but still feel empowered by pastor prince’s sermons only
Andrea says: (4:54:17 AM)
only his sermons can make me feel life again
Andrea says: (4:55:04 AM)
i mean, i do like other pastor’s sermons, but its just not the same. when all else fails, i still turn back to pastor prince and only he can talk me from dead to life, sinful to righteousness
Andrea says: (4:55:10 AM)
Andrea says: (4:55:11 AM)
Andrea says: (4:55:26 AM)
the devil has his eyes on me, i must have my eyes on christ

I like Joel Osteen. His words stuck in my mind for a few days. His broadcast was on TV a few days ago and I really enjoyed his speech.


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