Man… my chickens are going to expire soon! Actually it has already expired within the last 3 hours so I decided to fry it! FRY it real hard so no scent of rot cames out. And season it real good, so its as good as finger lickin’ good. LOL.

During this period of time, e seasoning and all, i ran in and out, use my Milk&Honey hand soap millions of times already. Why? Cos the Master Chef is online–Mummy. She’s teaching me how to fry my ‘chick’. (That’s her chat short hand.)

PA260113 chicken, seasoning

-Andrea, seriously lacking of sleep…. 😦

Man… I’ve been eating so much chicken the past week I feel like puking looking at the uncooked chicken. (I bought a 12pc chicken drumstick packet very near its expiry date, price slashed at 30-40% of its original price. Cheap, I know.)

Mummy says her chicken in SG can last for weeks….. “!!!!”. Here are her testimonials.

Dream says: (2:45:52 AM)
my meat all put into freezer, many weeks then only cook also hav
Dream says: (2:46:08 AM)
fish ball all frozen can keep long time
Dream says: (2:46:28 AM)
expirary date very long  one


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