There’s a lot going on, I just don’t have time to upload and blog.

Brief Overview:

Yesterday afternoon, I went to Farmer’s Market.
Bought a plant for my room.
Night, Jillian came over for dinner. Cooked her chicken with gravy and fried egg with onions. 🙂
Got my ipod nano 3rd gen, blue 🙂 It’s cute and light, I love it.

This morning, we had Journalism class on web writing and I was actually listening
We’re are so getting new furniture in the house today! (Pictures coming soon)

These 3 days, polished off several assignments for Journalism and Public Speaking, and one exam for Health Comm. PHEW. More to come next week. OMG.

Rearranged furniture in my room, am so proud of it, probably going to do a video of it at 2 months. Oh wait has it been more than 2 months? I’m sorry, my room is just so in the work-in-progress mode.

Also, they’re blocking my registration for Spring courses today (Today is my day! My day to sign up!) because I haven’t had the immunization forms for them. But I DID SENT it over from SG! What the heck. What’s the point of sending and wasting that postage, they never receive ANY of my documents, my UB card application was never received too!


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